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Maddie and Tom
Tom Hanford's Musical Menagerie -
Tingalayo -
My Rhinoceros -
John, the Rabbit - mp3
All the Fish - mp3
I Had a Rooster -
The Family Train - mp3
Narration -
Bear in the Basement -
Rockin' Robin -
Five Little Monkeys -
I Know a Girl -
It Rained a Mist -
Narration -
Raccoon and Possum -
I Ride an Old Paint -
I Went Walking -
Waltzing with Bears - mp3
By and By -
more downloads to come soon

Folk music for children
Three to six year olds will love the content of these songs but the sheer musical vitality
of this collection will appeal to people of all ages. Hanford and his colleagues refuse
to "dumb down" the music, much of which was recorded live in the studio with little
or no overdubbing. It stands in the company of children's releases by Grisman and
Garcia, and Sweet Honey in the Rock and establishes a link with the children's music
of Guthrie, Leadbelly and the Seegers. Some strong original material, mostly traditional
songs... "

I now have online ordering through PayPal for recordings by me, Kath Bloom and Love at Work!!!
amazon.com is also handling orders for Musical Menagerie CD's
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